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AirTrack Scanners, Label Printers and Supplies

AirTrack is an industry-leading manufacturer of enterprise asset intelligence hardware that enable businesses to capture and manage data about their assets, people, and transactions to improve productivity and provide an enhanced customer experience in a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, hospitality, warehousing, and others. AirTrack's technology portfolio of scanners and printers, as well as fully compatible labels and ribbon, incorporate industry-leading capabilities at highly competitive price points and fully backed by robust warranty service.

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All AirTrack Products

AirTrack S1 Scanner

AirTrack S1

The S1 is an entry level general purpose 1D linear imager barcode scanner. It is ideal for retail, light manufacturing, document processing, and financial institutions where point of sale, asset tracking, inventory control or other daily operations...

$132.00 to $148.00

AirTrack S2 Scanner

AirTrack S2

The S2 is a general purpose 2D imager barcode scanner. It is ideal for retail, light warehouse, and commercial services institutions where point of sale, asset tracking, inventory, work-in-process, or shipping operations are conducted. Its...

$235.00 to $265.00

AirTrack DP-1 Barcode Label Printer

AirTrack DP-1

The DP-1 is a desktop thermal barcode printer that offers a high performance in a small package. Its extensive suite of barcode labeling features includes faster speed and multiple interfaces, making it an ideal printer for compliance labeling,...

$324.00 to $399.00

AirTrack IP-1 Barcode Label Printer

AirTrack IP-1

The IP-1 is an industrial thermal barcode printer best suited for heavy-duty demand cycles. It features a rugged die-cast aluminum base plate and speeds up to 12 ips that equip this printer for work-in-process, distribution, order fulfillment,...

$1,134.00 to $1,474.90

AirTrack  Label Label

AirTrack Label

AirTrack Premier Labels offer you a true compatible choice when searching for many of your industry branded labels. All of our Premier Labels are produced with the highest quality materials, precision equipment and are regularly tested to ensure the...

$3.60 to $3,421.10

AirTrack Ribbons Ribbon

AirTrack Ribbons

AirTrack Premier Ribbons offer you a true compatible choice when searching for many of your industry standard ribbons. All of our Premier Ribbons are produced with the highest quality materials, precision equipment and are regularly tested to ensure...

$4.20 to $1,418.70

AirTrack  Receipt Paper Receipt Paper

AirTrack Receipt Paper

AirTrack Premium Receipt Paper offer you a true compatible choice when looking for compatible paper for any receipt printer. All of our Premium Receipt Paper is produced with the highest quality materials, precision equipment and are regularly...

$41.70 to $189.10

AirTrack MB-1 Mobile Handheld Computer

AirTrack MB-1

The MB-1 is engineered, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A. It is specifically designed for light-duty commercial applications where acquisition cost is a driving factor when selecting a data collection device. The MB-1 comes not only with an...

$640.00 to $815.00

AirTrack  Printhead Printhead

AirTrack Printhead

AirTrack provides competitive options to the single source market structure for barcode printheads. Our printheads are engineered and manufactured with the same quality and performance specifications as the original equipment.

$84.40 to $1,488.90

AirTrack S2-W Scanner

AirTrack S2-W

Designed to fulfill the needs of users in retail, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and hospitality environments, the AirTrack S2-W provide superior 2D barcode scanning performance at a more affordable price. Regardless of the barcode type, the...


AirTrack S1-W Scanner

AirTrack S1-W

While the market is trending towards 2D barcodes, 1D barcodes are still very popular across many data captures environments. 1D barcodes are used in a variety of applications such as product identifier barcodes, packaging, and utility bills. Due to...


AirTrack S2-P Scanner

AirTrack S2-P

The popularity of reading barcodes off of smartphone and loyalty cards has spread across all market segments of the data capture industry. Now, with more affordable pricing and virtually no drawbacks with area imaging technology, 2D barcode scanners...


AirTrack Price Marking Label

AirTrack Price Marking Label

AirTrack's price marking labels offer you a true compatible choice when you are looking for compatible price marking labels. Our labels is produced with the highest quality materials, precision equipment and are tested to ensure the products exceed...

$12.20 to $372.00

AirTrack SP1

AirTrack SP1

The SP1 companion scanner from AirTrack is the easiest way to bring barcoding to any business. With just a push of a button easily pair the wireless Bluetooth scanner to your phone, tablet, or computer. The quick set-up gives the SP1 a true...

$260.90 to $325.90

AirTrack SP2

AirTrack SP2

The tiny but powerful SP2 companion scanner from AirTrack brings new value to the table. Pairing to your phone, tablet, or computer is a breeze with the push-to-pair set-up. Designed with aggressive reading technology, the SP2 can easily read all...

$395.90 to $487.90

AirTrack SP1-C

AirTrack SP1-C

With a compact design AirTrack's SP1-C houses an aggressive linear scan engine. Boasts an impressive 20,000 scans worth of memory the SP1-C can work off a Bluetooth or Batch mode. If ever out of the 33-foot Bluetooth range the SP1-C will begin...

$201.60 to $251.60

AirTrack MS-1 Mobile Handheld Computer

AirTrack MS-1

The AirTrack MS-1 is a 5-inch rugged android mobile computer combining strong features with powerful data collection. Designed with integrated 2D scanning, integrated HF/NFC RFID reader/writer, GPS, and a high resolution 8 megapixel camera. Equipped...

AirTrack SR2 Ring Scanner

AirTrack SR2 Ring Scanner

AirTrack's SR2 Ring Scanner is optimized for all-day scanning and provides more comfort than traditional handheld scanners. The wearable design gives users the freedom to move and perform tasks comfortably while keeping both hands free to keep the...

$615.00 to $712.00

AirTrack Batteries

AirTrack Replacement Batteries

AirTrack Bundle

AirTrack Bundle

Airtrack works with Pointy to get your products online instantly. Watch your online inventory automatically grow as you scan your in store products and be set up on Google for local people to find. Pointy can help your store and products appear...

AirTrack AT-P12II Mobile Printer

AirTrack AT-P12II Mobile Printer

Designed to be your first choice when it comes to mobile printing, AirTrack's AT-P12II has the compact and rugged design that brings an ideal combination of strength and usability. With impressive print speeds and a high capacity battery, the 2"...

$695.00 to $825.00

AirTrack LP-1 Industrial Printer

AirTrack LP-1 Industrial Printer

Introducing AirTrack's most versatile compact industrial label printer, the LP-1. Designed with an easily understood operator interface and a full set of options to meet nearly every printing application. Built for the user in mind to include...

$912.90 to $1,092.90

AirTrack IP-2 Industrial Printer

AirTrack IP-2 Industrial Printer

Featuring premium printhead technology, faster processor and all the memory you need, AirTrack's IP-2 industrial printer gives you the ability to print high quality labels at a fast print speed. Designed to let you print on a wide variety of labels,...

$1,219.00 to $1,824.50

AirTrack S1-BT Barcode Scanner

AirTrack S1-BT Barcode Scanner

The AirTrack S1-Bluetooth barcode scanner was designed with a sharp and highly visible scan line, making the scanner more user-friendly while keeping the enhanced depth of field to read barcodes at an intuitive distance. Keeping a consistent family...

$388.80 to $418.80

AirTrack S2-BT Barcode Scanner

AirTrack S2-BT Barcode Scanner

Best suited for applications in the point of sale, the AirTrack S2-Bluetooth 2D imager features a new illumination and aiming system. These features were developed with the intent to reduce visual stress in the user during daily scanning activities...

$488.80 to $521.80

AirTrack Stop the Spread

AirTrack Stop the Spread

Stop the Spread labels as floor signs and door signs. Designed to give consumers information on how adhere to Social Distancing to help Stop the Spread of COVID-19.

$589.60 to $7,955.70

AirTrack Healthcare Labels

Health care labels help health care organizations accurately identify pharmaceuticals, blood bags, test tubes, patient charts, mobile specimen, surgical equipment, hospital assets, and other mission-critical items. Our health care labeling solutions...

$45.00 to $145.00

AirTrack Patient Chart Labels

Patient chart labels contain important information pertaining to a patient, including their length of stay, medical history, allergies, current medications, recorded observations and patient progress. Patient chart labels must be accurate and...


AirTrack Laboratory Labels

Laboratory labels help medical staff identify and track laboratory samples while allowing health care staff to communicate effectively amongst various labs, facilities and departments. professionals identify and track laboratory samples and...

$56.50 to $145.00

AirTrack Mobile Specimen Labels

Specimen labels are used to identify and track specimens that will be forwarded to a health care laboratory for testing. Specimen labeling is critical in the testing process. A correctly labeled specimen will be accepted by laboratories for proper...


AirTrack Pharmacy Labels

Pharmacy labels contain information that a doctor or pharmacy would like to communicate to a patient, such as how to use the medication correctly, the number of doses per day, the length of time the medication should be taken and any precautions....

$45.00 to $127.10

AirTrack Test Tube Labels

Test tube labels are designed to identify and track samples that are used for diagnostic testing and disease prevention. The test tube labels are used across various health care divisions including genetics, DNA sequencing, forensics, chemistry,...

$56.50 to $145.00

AirTrack Blood Bag Labels

Blood bag labels contain important information about the content of the blood bag that can be communicated to doctors and hospital staff prior to administration or use. The health care staff at facilities of blood collection and processing centers...

$51.60 to $76.30

AirTrack Anti-Slip Floor and Wall Labels

AirTrack Anti-Slip Floor and Wall Labels

Make your message stand out with Airtrack's Anti-Slip Floor labels. Great for indoor applications where social distancing is a must, these slip-resistant floor labels have a textured surface designed to withstand floor and cart traffic and can...

$3.30 to $60.00

AirTrack Fragile Shipping Labels

$18.60 to $33.30

AirTrack Do Not Labels

$15.60 to $31.10

AirTrack International Safe Handling Labels

$17.80 to $36.00

AirTrack Fluorescent Shipping Labels

$10.30 to $26.70

AirTrack Shipping Labels

$17.80 to $40.00

AirTrack Enclosed Labels

$17.80 to $33.30

AirTrack Mixed Labels

$17.80 to $26.70

AirTrack Climate Labels

$17.80 to $26.70

AirTrack Receiving Labels


AirTrack Top Labels


AirTrack DOT Labels


AirTrack Air Labels


AirTrack Made In Labels

$7.20 to $21.40

AirTrack LC-1D Barcode Scanner

AirTrack LC-1D Barcode Scanner

AirTrack's LC-1D scanner offers superior scanning capabilities in an improved ergonomic form factor. With the improved ergonomic design, users can work efficiently by quickly reading dirty, tiny, damaged or out of spec barcodes even on curved and...


AirTrack Performance Paper

AirTrack Performance Paper


AirTrack PPE Equipment

AirTrack FB-1


AirTrack Performance Ribbon

AirTrack Performance Ribbon

$8.20 to $657.80

AirTrack Performance Labels

AirTrack Performance Labels

$64.70 to $158.80

AirTrack Parts

$10.10 to $5,526.30