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Motorola MC3090-Z RFID Reader
Motorola MC3090-Z RFID Reader

Motorola MC3090-Z RFID Reader

Motorola MC3190-Z A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Motorola MC3190-Z.

Lightest RFID reader on the market

The Motorola MC3090-Z has an ergonomic gun-style form factor and passes the industry's most stringent drop test and environmental tests. In another first, the RFID reader capability is combined with a scanner which means only one device per employee and one investment. An intuitive color touch screen makes it easy to use with minimal training and Wi-Fi a/b/g wireless connectivity allows it to seamlessly connect to virtually any network. The versatility of the MC3090-Z makes bringing RFID functionality to retail, health care, enterprise and warehousing effortless and cost-effective.
MC3090-Z Options
Motorola MC3090-Z (MC3090Z-LC48HBAQE2)
Handheld Terminal - Intel Xscale Pxa270 520 MHz - 128 Mb RAM - 1 Gb Flash - 3" QVGA LCD - 48 Keys - Alphanumeric Keyboard
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Motorola MC3090-Z (MC3090Z-LC48HBAQE1)
MC3090 RFID Handheld Terminal - Intel Xscale Pxa270 520 MHz - 128 Mb RAM - 1 Gb Flash - QVGA LCD - 48 Keys
See Replacement
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Recommended Accessories for Model: Motorola MC3090-Z RFID Reader

Power Systems & Supplies

Motorola (23844-00-00R)
Power Systems & Supplies, Motorola, AC line cord, 7.5 feet long, grounded, three wire. Associated Country: US
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Docks & Cradles

Motorola MC3000 Mobile Computer Accessories (CRD3000-101RES)
Docks & Cradles, Motorola, MC30XX 1-Slot Serial & USB Cradle Kit, Includes Cradle CRD3000-1001RR,Power Supply PWR-BGA12V50W0WW + DC Line Cord, Requires US AC Line Cord 23844-00-00R And Communication USB 25-68596-01R Or RS-232 25-63852-01R
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Cables, Connectors, and Adapters

Symbol MC67 Accessories (25-68596-01R)
USB Client Communication Cable. USB A to Mini B.
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Symbol (25-63852-01R)
RS-232 Cable for cradle to the host system
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Symbol (CRD3000-1000RR)
Single-Slot Serial/USB Charging and Communications Cradle. Will charge terminal and standard & high capacity batteries. Includes Cradle, Power supply (Part# KT-14000-148R), USB Cable (Part# 25-68596-01), RS-232 Cable (Part# 25-63852-01R). AC Line Cord must be ordered separately, see (Part# 23844-00-00R).
Symbol (BTRY-MC30KAB02-02)
MC30XX High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery (2X), 4400 mAh (Works with all MC30XX Configurations). Purchase battery door KT-82600-01R for straight shooter and rotating head configurations, purchase battery door KT-93480-01R for Gun configurations.
Symbol (KT-14000-148R)
Universal Power supply, 100-240 VAC, 12VDC, 3.33A. Used across multiple product lines for cable charging and cradle and battery charging. See product pages for configurations that use this power supply. Req. country 3 wire AC cord. For use in US use 23844-00-00R AC Line Cord.
Motorola (CRD3000-100RR)
Single Slot Serial/USB Crdl Kt For MC3000/USB Sep/Cables Sep