Meru MC1500 Wireless Controller

This product is being discontinued.

Grow your wireless network from 5 to 30 APs

The Meru MC1500 controller allows network administrators to securely manage and easily control their wireless network while meeting mission critical enterprise demands. As part of the Meru Networks controller family, the MC1500 provides centralized configuration and management for ease of deployment, multilayer security, and scalability while eliminating co-channel interference and the need for channel planning.
MC1500 Options
Meru (MC15x0RN-1-MAX)
Software Module to upgrade a N MC15x0RN-1-MAX
Meru MC1550 (MC15x0-SD-50AP)
50 AP Software Upgrade MC15x0-SD-50AP
Meru (MC15x0-SD-1AP)
MC1500/MC1550 1 AP Software Up MC15x0-SD-1AP
Meru (MC15x0-SD-15AP)
MC1500/MC1550 15 AP Software U MC15x0-SD-15AP
Meru (MC15x0-PEF)
Policy Enforcement Module Lice MC15x0-PEF
Meru (MC1550-10-VE-US)
Wireless Controller FOR US O MC1550-10-VE-US
Meru MC1500 Upgrade (MC1500VE-TO-1550VE)
MC1500-VE cntrllr trade-up to MC1550-VE with lics and supp
Meru MC1500 (MC1500-XX)
Wireless Controller with support for up to 5 APs. Platform can be upgraded to support up to 30 APs. Maximum throughput of 800 Mbps, and includes System Director software (release 3.6.1 or higher) with Air Traffic Control, element management system, wireless security, rogue AP detection. Supports N+1 Wireless Controller Redundancy.
Recommended Accessories
Meru Accessories (IDM-VMWARE)
Virtual Service Appliance for Identity Manager (B)
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Meru Accessories (ADP-NM-RPSMAM-X6)
Spare N-Type to RPSMA adapters 6 PCK (SAME 6 with OAP380) (E)
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