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Hawking HPS1U Data Networking Device
Hawking HPS1U Data Networking Device
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Hawking HPS1U Data Networking Device

The Hawking HPS1U has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The Hawking HPS1U USB 10/100 Print Server is a powerful and convenient tool to connect your USB printer to a 10/100M Network. The Hawking H-PS1U, combined with the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), lets you easily connect to any printer and print documents by specifying the print server's IP address. With IPP technology, printing over a WAN or the Internet becomes much easier. You can send a print job to a printer in another country just as easily as sending a print job to your home or office printer. IPP eliminates the need for fax communications between offices by simply printing an original document over the Internet and sending it from one office to another without the degradation of image and text quality that fax machines produce. Why use a fax to send information from office to office when you can print your documents directly from your computer to another out-of-office printer?
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Hawking HPS1U (HPS1U)
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