Electronics Line Penta XL 4-Zone

The Electronics Line Penta XL 4-Zone has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Designed for small to medium installations

The Electronics-Line Penta XL 4-Zone is the intelligent choice for entry-level installations worldwide, integrating maximum safety and usability in a most cost-effective solution. Specially designed for small to medium sized installations of up to 8 zones, the Penta XL 4-Zone comes in two configurations alongside a wide range of programming options: three telephone numbers (Primary, Backup, Duplicate), dedicated Tamper/Key switch zone, on-board communicator including Contact ID and Follow Me protocols, and much more.
Penta XL 4-Zone Options
Electronics Line Penta XL 4-Zone (PENTA XL)
Up to 8 zones, dedicated tamper/key switch zone, on-board communicator, contact ID and follow me protocols, three telephone numbers, PCB and metal can