Digi Connect Wi-SP

Wireless 802.11b network interface with data rates up to 11 Mbps

Digi's Connect Wi-SP features a wireless device server, which delivers a true plug-and-play deviCE .NETworking solution, combining the benefits of secure wireless networking technology with proven serial port connectivity. It offers a secure wireless device server solution supporting enterprise-class WPA2/802.11i security. It features fully switch-selectable RS-232/422/485 high-speed serial interface with data rates up to 11 Mbps. It is the ideal choice in retail, warehouse, health care and medical applications.
Connect Wi-SP Options
Digi Connect Wi-SP (DC-WSP-01-S)
32-bit NET+ARM high-performance RISC processor, 4 MB Flash and 16 MB RAM, Switch-selectable RS-232/422/485 interface, 802.11b wireless LAN interface, Flexible 9-30VDC power supply, Robust on-board TCP/IP stack with built-in web server, Patented RealPort COM/TTY port redirection for Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux