Digi AccelePort Xr 920 Data Networking

RISC-based processor for offloading CPU communication bottlenecks Digi AccelePort Xr 920 - One of the industry's best-known multi-port serial I/O cards, Digi's AccelePort Xr 920 is designed for use in multi-user and remote Access Service (RAS) applications. It supports RS-232 serial communications, multi-strike surge protection on each and every pin, 32-bit IDT RISC processor, up to 921.6 Kbps throughput, software configurable bus port and a wide range of accessories, such as fan-out cables and external I/O connector boxes. CPU utilization is optimized by efficiently handling serial I/O communication interrupts, character processing and data transfers. This is an ideal solution in retail/ point-of-sale, hospitality (restaurants/hotels), data collection and remote access applications.
Full specifications (PDF)
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