BCI Waiter In-a-Box Maitre D Tableside Edition POS System

Integrated MSR and Printer

Waiter In-a-Box Maitre D Tableside Edition offers all of the same functions and capabilities as a regular Point of Sale system in a compact mobile unit. The PartnerTech wireless handheld device with Maitre"D software is easy to use and will allow your staff to serve customers faster, turnover more tables and increase sales. The Integrated Manager feature enables instant access to information and the system"s features, which means more control and efficiency at peak times. Additional features include wait list management, more accurate recording of orders and seat numbers and table-side payment processing.
Waiter In-a-Box Maitre D Tableside Edition Options
BCI Waiter In-a-Box Maitre'D Tableside Edition (IB-HOSTS-L0W1-1U)
Waiter In-a-Box, Maitre'D Tableside Edition, Includes: PartnerTech M2 Mobile Computer with Integrated MSR and Printer and Maitre'D Software (IMAGE ONLY)
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