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Axicon V7015-IP65 Barcode Verifier

Axicon 7015-IP - The Axicon 7015-IP65 has an IP65 rating (totally sealed against all dust ingress and sealed against low pressure water spray from all directions).
Industrial Protection Rated Barcode Verifier

The IP50 rating makes the 7015-IP50 ideal for use in dusty environments while the IP65 rated version is ideal for use where a higher level of protection is required -- including use in hose down areas such as in the food industry. The Axicon 7015-IP verifiers have been specifically designed for all barcodes where an 8, 10, or 20mil aperture is mandatory, up to 185 mm width including quite zones. Meets International Standards.

Full specifications (PDF)


The Axicon V7015-IP65 is also known as V7015-IP65 or V7015IP65 .