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Motorola Introduces Psion Omnii XT15f, VH10, VH10f Freezer-Rated Mobile Computers

Freezers and the end-to-end cold chain present some of the most extreme and unforgiving environments for computing hardware. Motorola announced three new products that will withstand the demands of extremely cold environments. The Omnii XT15f is the latest addition to the Psion Omnii line of rugged handhelds, and the VH10 and VH10f are new vehicle-mounted mobile computers designed specifically for operation in the freezer and heavy condensation applications. Together these new offerings provide maximum productivity and flawless fulfillment in the most challenging customer environments including the busiest warehouses and coldest supply chains.

The Omnii XT15f and VH10f are designed for use in freezers that include the housing of perishable food and temperature-controlled refrigerators storing medications. The extreme cold of these environments slows displays and drains most batteries while condensation is created when a mobile worker moves back and forth from a freezer to a hot and humid loading dock. These environmental conditions can destroy most mobile computers. Motorola's new freezer and condensation-rated mobile computers are engineered to work and thrive in these demanding conditions and come with field replaceable pistol grips, keyboards, touchscreen and data capture options to help simplify repairs while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Psion Omnii XT15f

Psion VH10 and VH10f