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Cryptography Links

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Cryptography Links

Cryptography and Internet security are a major concern for anyone planning on or currently using the Internet, for various viral reasons. As the technology used to connect people via the Internet advances, so do the viruses and security threats that coincide with them. In order to protect themselves, end users need to implement cryptography which offers a myriad of options and implementation processes. Information for the acquisition of encryption technologies and protocols are located throughout the Internet, and many are able to be downloaded and used freely. Not only does cryptography apply to Internet security but to devices, like a credit card reader or bar code scanner.

Cryptography and Internet Security FAQ’s

Government Sites

Legal and Policy

  • A detailed article on the legal use of and policies enforced by governments for cryptography.
  • Policies and legal concerns for using cryptography and privacy protocols from Harvard University.
  • Legal answers and questions about laws governing the use of cryptography.
  • Guidelines for the use of cryptography within the legal limits of the law, according to the US government.
  • Legal concerns for the use of cryptography in e-commerce and online banking.
  • A list of recent and continually updated articles on cryptography.
  • A review of the current status of DES and its possible decertification as it pertains to cryptography.
  • Cryptography and security information about resources on the current state of Internet security.
  • Information on the security features of the (Motorola MC35) encryption features for WLAN and VPN networks.
  • Information on the quantum cryptography movement in the technology industries.

Nonprofit Organizations


Cryptography Researchers

Tutorials on Cryptography

Miscellaneous Cryptography Resources

As the cryptography technology increases, new forms of attacks will be created, and thus another version of cryptography will be needed. For the near future hopes have been placed in quantum cryptography, which shows great promise, but like all technologies, there are still weaknesses that are being explored and corrected.

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