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Capitalism FAQ's

Since the end of the Cold War, capitalism has enjoyed unchallenged ideological and practical dominance throughout the world. But this was not always the case, and some serious issues with capitalism still remain. What is capitalism, and what are its implications? This article will seek to answer common questions about capitalism in theory and practice.


What is capitalism?

What is capitalism's essential nature?

What is the philosophy behind capitalism?

What is the role of the government in a capitalist society?

What does capitalism have to do with freedom?

Is capitalism a just social system?

What is a capitalist?

 How is democracy related to capitalism?

What is the opposite of capitalism?

Is socialism ideal?

Who are the defenders of capitalism?


Are monopolies a natural product of capitalism?

Does unregulated capitalism result in worker exploitation?

Does unregulated capitalism lead to unsafe products and services?

Does capitalism promote racism?

Is the United States of America a capitalist nation?

Is capitalism like Social Darwinism?