Zebra R402 RFID Printer

Zebra R2844-Z A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Zebra R2844-Z.

Read, write, and print labels carrying embedded ultra-thin RFID transponders

Zebra's innovative R402 can read, write, and print labels carrying embedded ultra-thin RFID transponders. Transponders contain integrated circuits that can be read, programmed, and reprogrammed using non contact radio waves. This revolutionary technology enables you to change and update data repeatedly throughout the life of the RFID smart label. Because RFID technology uses radio waves, smart labels can be read through dirt, paint, and many non-metallic objects. RFID smart labels feature anti-collision technology, which lets you scan and identify several objects simultaneously, such as totes of supplies. The R402 is ideal for warehouse/logistics, express parcel delivery, airline baggage tracking, returnable plastic containers/pallets, library book/video check-out, sensitive document tracking, supply chain management (source tagging), ticketing (sports, concerts, ski lifts, etc.), anti-counterfeiting, and pharmaceuticals.
R402 Options
Zebra R402 (R402-10300-0001)
Thermal transfer label printer, and RFID tag encoder 100V/240V/Parallel. Call for details.