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Zebra ST5500-SR01000SSNA RFID Reader

Zebra SR55XX - RFID Reader, Zebra SR55XX, UHF Frequency, Ethernet, Linux, Fixed, Integrated Fixed RFID Reader and RFID Antenna, Suspended
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Full specifications (PDF)

All-in-One RFID Combination Fixed Transition Point Reader
Zebra's ST5500 Transition RFID Reader can track inventory location and direction. As a retailer, distributer or manufacturer, it's important to know not only the presence of tagged items, but also which direction items are traveling. Designed for challenging areas, the ST5500 works in virtually any area in your facility, from you main building entry and exit areas, including the receiving and loading docks, to interior transition points such as the warehouse and plant floor in a manufacturing plant. The ST5500 tracks direction to give you an additional layer of business intelligence, so you can better manage inventory and prevent lost sales, stockouts, theft, and unplanned downtime on the manufacturing plant floor. The ST5500 provides you with which way a tag is moving through the portal so you can automatically remove it from stock when it goes from the stock room to the sales floor.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Zebra
Model ST5500

The Zebra ST5500-SR01000SSNA is also known as ZEB-ST5500SR01000S01 or ST5500SR01000SSNA .