Zebra RFS-4000-24ADP-LIC Wireless Software

Zebra - Wireless Software, Motorola, 24 x Adaptive Access Point License Pack for RFS 40XX
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Motorola RFS4000 Wireless Controller Model Overview
The Motorola RFS4000 802.11n wireless services controller integrates wired, wireless and security networking features into a compact and easy-to-use form factor, enabling organizations to create survivable branch networks using a single platform. The RFS4000 is also available with an integrated dual radio dual band 802.11n access point that features extensive coverage and performance - meeting all the needs of SME/ SMB. In addition, the RFS4000 Series offers built in applications such as Locationing for Wi-Fi and RFID as well as Hotspot and VoWLAN/Video Services.

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