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Zebra LOS-5000-00CA RFID Reader

Zebra WhereNet - RFID Reader, Zebra WhereNet, UHF Frequency, Wired Ethernet, Location Sensor, Power Over Ethernet (PoE), TAA compliant

Full specifications (PDF)

Longest Range RTLS Capabilities and Performance in All Environments
Zebra's WhereNet provides you a world-class platform that enables accurate asset and personnel visibility solutions over long-ranges. Our products are designed for applications requiring the ability to sense objects and personnel across a large space. The Zebra WhereNet ISO/IEC 24730-2 solution enables accurate tracking in industrial and outdoor applications. It employs advanced signal processing to determine the leading edge of the RF signal, even in the midst of heavy multipath environments. WhereLAN III is optimal for applications requiring reliable signal detection, accurate locates at a lower refresh rate and coverage over large areas. WhereTags and WhereCalls also provide CCX mode for "front office" applications where accuracy and range are non-critical and RF interference is mild.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Zebra
Model WhereNet
Frequency UHF
Interface Ethernet, RS-232 Serial

The Zebra LOS-5000-00CA is also known as LOS-5000-00CA or LOS500000CA .