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Zebra 10026692K Wristband

Zebra Z-Band Ultrasoft - Wristbands, Zebra, Wristband, Synthetic, 1.1875X7.25In (30.2X184.2mm), Direct Thermal, Pink, Z-Band Ultra Soft Lam, Coated, Permanent Adhesive, 1In (25.4mm) Core, Printed, SIX Rolls Per Kit, Priced Per Kit
  • Ultra-soft, flexible material
  • Soft-feel coating
  • Available in a bracelet shape
  • Adhesive closure
  • Resistant to common hand sanitizers
  • Silver antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband from degradation.
  • Latex-free
  • Are considered to be MR-Safe
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Ultrasoft Wristbands
Ultra-soft, flexible direct thermal synthetic wristband with adhesive closure offering excellent resistance to most hand sanitizers. Adult, pediatric and infant sizes available in white. Scannable up to 14 days. Latex-free. MR-Safe.
Zebra 10026692K Overview
One of the Softest Direct Thermal Wristbands in the Market

The wristband is the cornerstone of patient safety. If a wristband fades and fails to scan, patient safety and workflows are compromised, due to the need to re-print a wristband or perform a workaround to administer care. In addition, patient comfort is important. Rigid wristbands can cause scratches on delicate skin. Zebra's Supplies Research and Development team took these into consideration when designing Z-Band UltraSoft. It is one of the softest and most durable direct thermal wristbands in the market. With over 3 billon patients identified since 1998, you can rely on Zebra.

Z-Band UltraSoft:

Offering durability care givers can rely on, ensuring the correct and timely care of patients.
  • Independent lab tests show that it is up to 6X more durable to hand sanitizers than the leading competitor
One of the softest wristbands in the market
  • The flexible and supple polypropylene material, features a soft-feel coating to reduce the instances of scratches or cuts on those with sensitive skin
Available in standard and bracelet shapes
  • The bracelet shape features a removable carrier that allows the size of the band to be reduced without impacting the size of the patient information area, resulting in a more comfortable band for the patient.

Full specifications (PDF)

Physical Characteristics
Item Numbers
UNSPSC: 46181534