Zebra PA400 Accessories

PA400 Accessories
Zebra (567001)
Universal Battery Charger (24 VDC, 30W, 240 Volt) for the PA-PT400 Printers
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Zebra (505081M)
700 mAh spare battery
Zebra (505080M)
1400 mAh spare battery
Zebra (41010)
PA Bracket Hd Mounting (110Xi3+ Dm)
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Zebra (567000)
120V Battery Charging Power supply, Wall Mount Style with US Plug for the PA-PT400
Zebra (562014)
PA-PT400 Standard Communication Cable to the Symbol VRC3940
Zebra (562006)
Cable (RJ45 to DB-9) for the PA-PT400
Zebra (561020)
Power cord (US Battery) for the PA-PT400
Zebra (52750M)
1400 mAh NIMH Maintenance Battery Pack for PAxxx and PTxxx Printers
Zebra (52732)
Cable PA-PT403 to Symbol MC9000
Zebra (52713)
Cable 8 feet, RJ45, MOD10, Coiled for the PA-PT403
Zebra (52690)
Cable, RJ45-D28F, Coil with Ferrite for the PA-PT400
Zebra (52660)
12 VDC Battery Eliminator for the PA-PT400
Zebra (52601)
Weather resistant protective case
Zebra (52587)
Adjustable Shoulder Strap for the PA400-PT400 Printers

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