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Zebex Barcode Scanner, Barcode Badge ID Reader & Mobile Handheld Computer

Zebex is a developer and manufacturer of CCD scanners, laser scanners, portable data terminals, and the WinCE embedded system for automatic identification of industries. Zebex can be characterized as an innovative company with strong R&D and high quality products in terms of first-read-rate, reliability, durability, and attractive, ergonomic design.

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Zebex Barcode Scanner Zebex Barcode Scanner
Zebex Mobile Handheld Computer Zebex Mobile Handheld Computer

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Zebex Z-8150 Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-8150

The Zebex Z-8150 is the most cost-effective CCD scanner on the market! The Z-8150 has a high-visibility aiming line and can read barcodes from up to 30 cm away. The Z-8150 also features multiple interface options, including USB, RS-232,...

$118.80 to $136.90

Zebex Z-2030 Mobile Handheld Computer

Zebex Z-2030

The Zebex Z-2030 delivers powerful scanning performance with its advanced 3600 pixel CCD sensor. A large internal memory up to 2MB stores thousands of barcodes while its 128-character backlit LCD display allows the user to read information even in...

Zebex Z-6070 Barcode Scanner

Zebex Z-6070

Z-6070 from Zebex features dual-laser omnidirectional scanner technology, which enables an unprecedented 32-line scan pattern and 2,400 scans per second for lightning quick, accurate reads. ZEBEX proprietary Z-SCAN technology provides real-time...

Zebex Parts

Products and parts from Zebex.

Zebex Z-3051HS - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-3070 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-3071 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-3072 - Discontinued.

Zebex PDL-20 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-1060 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-1070 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-1160 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-1170 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-2050 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-2060 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-2121 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-2170 - Discontinued.

Zebex Wand-Kit - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-6010 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-6032 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-6060 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-6081 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-6082 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-6180 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-7010 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-3080 - Discontinued.

Zebex Z-6080 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Zebex Z-6180

Zebex Alpha-70 - Discontinued. Replaced by the ZBA Z-8150

Zebex ZB-600 - Discontinued.

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