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ZBA Barcode Scanner, Barcode Badge ID Reader & Mobile Handheld Computer

ZBA is a developer and manufacturer of CCD scanners, laser scanners, portable data terminals, and the WinCE embedded system for automatic identification of industries. ZBA can be characterized as an innovative company with strong R&D and high quality products in terms of first-read-rate, reliability, durability, and attractive, ergonomic design.

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ZBA Barcode Scanner ZBA Barcode Scanner
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ZBA Z-2030 Mobile Handheld Computer

ZBA Z-2030

The ZBA Z-2030 delivers powerful scanning performance with its advanced 3600 pixel CCD sensor. A large internal memory up to 2MB stores thousands of barcodes while its 128-character backlit LCD display allows the user to read information even in low...

ZBA Z-8150 Barcode Scanner

ZBA Z-8150

The ZBA Z-8150 is the most cost-effective CCD scanner on the market! The Z-8150 has a high-visibility aiming line and can read barcodes from up to 30 cm away. The Z-8150 also features multiple interface options, including USB, RS-232, PS/2...

$118.80 to $136.90

ZBA ZB2852 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB2852

The ZBA ZB2852 cordless scanner offers performance advantages in speed, depth-of-field, reliability, sleek styling, and ease-of-use. This cordless Bluetooth enabled scanner is perfect for retail applications. It is easy to operate, light-weight and...


ZBA ZB3051 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB3051

The ZBA ZB3051 is a 500 scan/second high speed single line laser scanner. It has a slender, lightweight, but rugged design. The Good Read LED indicator and audio beeper are programmable. It comes with multiple interface options and the handsfree...


ZBA ZB3052 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB3052

The ZBA ZB3052 portable data terminal can be used as a batch data collector, tethered barcode reader or a Bluetooth enabled data collector / scanner. It is small and lightweight and can easily fit into an employees pocket for easy handling. The...

ZBA ZB3062 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB3062

The ZBA ZB3062 Handheld barcode scanner is durable and designed for everyday use, meeting IP42 dustproof and waterproof standards as well as drop tests from 1.5 meters. It connects to other devices via RS-232, USB HID and USB COM port interfaces....


ZBA ZB3000 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB3000

The ZBA ZB3000 is a handheld high speed 1D Imager that touts the most effective scanning capability. This scanner guarantees to deliver efficiency to any retail, office or warehouse environment. The high performance decoding technology provides real...


ZBA ZB8120 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB8120

The ZB8120 is the industry leading Economy CCD barcode reader and most sought after in its class. The ZB8120 scanner offers superior scanning performance at an industry leading price. This assures the absolute best total cost of ownership (TOC) in...


ZBA ZB-8250 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB-8250

The ZBA ZB-8250 is a durable and ergonomically designed, best-value handheld scanner in its class. The scanner is a long range CCD barcode scanner and is suitable for a wide range of applications, from retail checkout and inventory management, to...

ZBA ZB2850 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB2850

The ZBA ZB2850 long range Cordless Imager provides high performance scanning with a rapid scan rate (450 scans/sec) and superior depth of field (up to 40 inches on 40-mil codes). Utilizing Bluetooth wireless-communication technology, the ZB2850...

ZBA ZB3060 Barcode Scanner

ZBA ZB3060

The ZBA ZB3060 is an omnidirectional handheld laser scanner which can be used in a multitude of applications. When scanning multiple barcodes on a single object, this high performance device allows users to switch to a single line scan by simply...

ZBA Z-6070 Barcode Scanner

ZBA Z-6070

Z-6070 from ZBA features dual-laser omnidirectional scanner technology, which enables an unprecedented 32-line scan pattern and 2,400 scans per second for lightning quick, accurate reads. ZBA proprietary Z-SCAN technology provides real-time hardware...

ZBA K6000 Barcode Scanner

ZBA K6000

The ZBA K6000 barcode reader is a durable, market tested combination wand/decoder. With many years of field data, the K6000 has proved to be an extremely cost effective solution for low volume barcode scanning applications. Designed for the most...

ZBA A-62M Barcode Scanner


The A-62M is a medium range barcode scan module offering an easy-to-integrate design with the outstanding scanning performance you have come to expect from ZBA. With its focused LED illumination source and powerful 2,048 pixel CCD and 18cm depth of...

ZBA ZB-30M Barcode Scanner


The ZBA ZB-30M is a High Performance CCD scan module that comes in a compact form factor. The ZB-30M is the perfect choice for embedded scanning solutions, especially in space limited applications such as gaming machines, blood analyzers and kiosks....

ZBA Universal Magnetic Swipe Reader Credit Card Swiper

ZBA Universal Magnetic Swipe Reader

The Universal Magnetic Swipe Reader can read any combination of up to three tracks of magnetic information with a single swipe in either direction. An audible tone and a visual LED signal indicate a successful read. The Universal Magnetic Swipe...

ZBA Parts

Products and parts from ZBA.

$68.50 to $546.90

ZBA PDL-20 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-3010 - Discontinued.

ZBA ZB3050BT - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-30x0 Series - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-6010 - Discontinued.

ZBA Telxon Wand - Discontinued.

ZBA PDT1475 Wand - Discontinued.

ZBA A-50M - Discontinued.

ZBA ZB-52M - Discontinued.

ZBA A-51M - Discontinued.

ZBA ZB-5130 - Discontinued.

ZBA ZB3051BT - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-1070 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-3080 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-6180 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-6060 - Discontinued.

ZBA Wand-Kit - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-3051HS - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-3070 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-3071 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-3072 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-6032 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-6080 - Discontinued. Replaced by the ZBA Z-6180

ZBA Z-6081 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-6082 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-7010 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-1060 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-2050 - Discontinued.

ZBA Z-2060 - Discontinued.

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