Welch Allyn ScanTeam 6980 Card Reader

The Welch Allyn ScanTeam 6980 has been renamed to the Honeywell ScanTeam 6980.

The ScanTeam 6980 offers a fast, easy and accurate method for entering data contained on a magnetic stripe into a PC system.

The ScanTeam 6980 is a dual track Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (MSR) designed to attach to devices with an RS-232 serial interface port. All magnetic stripe decoding electronics are contained in the compact ScanTeam 6980 product enclosure. The ScanTeam 6980 is a bi-directional card reader that can read cards swiped in either direction. A beeper indicates a good read or bad read to the operator. The ScanTeam 6980 is powered by an external power pack device. Other versions are available which accept input power through the DB-9 host connector.

The Welch Allyn ScanTeam 6980 is also known as the WelchAllyn ScanTeam 6980

ScanTeam 6980 Options
Honeywell ScanTeam 6980 (6980-1)
RS-232 interface, reads tracks 1 & 2. Includes RS-232 cable & power supply.