WatchGuard WGM67031 Data Networking

WatchGuard - WatchGuard Firebox M670 with 1-yr Basic Security Suite
  • Delivers firewall throughput of 34 Gbps to keep traffic moving, with the best UTM throughput in its class - up to 5.4 Gbps - even with strong security enabled.
  • All logging and reportingfunctions included with purchase,with over 100 dashboards andreports including PCI and HIPAA.
  • Gain critical insightsabout network security, from anywhere and at anytime, withWatchGuard Dimension.
  • Customize your port configurationto meet current needs, knowingyou have the flexibility to adapt asthe network evolves. This is howto future-proof your network andeliminate costly rip-and-replacescenarios.
  • Flexible management tools give administrators access to security capabilities from an intuitive console, scriptable CLI,and web UI
  • Includes Basic Security Suite of subscriptions: Application Control, Intrusion Prevention Service, Gateway AntiVirus, WebBlocker, Reputation Enabled Defense, spamBlocker, and 24x7 standard support.
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The WatchGuard WGM67031 Data Networking is also known as WGM67031