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Wasp WWS450H Scanner

Wasp WWS450H Scanner

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Ergonomic design with antimicrobial protection

The Wasp WWS450H 2D barcode scanner is designed with health care environments in mind, allowing medical staff to treat patients efficiently and without errors. Built-in antimicrobial technology provides a level of protection against odor-and-stain causing bacteria. Combined with versatility and efficiency, the WWS450H makes it easy to read 1D and 2D barcodes while staying connected wirelessly. Simply plug the USB adapter (or optional PS/2, RS-232) into a PC and the scanned barcode data is instantly and accurately transmitted back to your base from up to 160 feet away. Plus, the added buffer memory allows you to hold 256 scans, so you"ll never need to worry about being out of range. With an ergonomic form factor and antimicrobial protection, the WWS450H is comfortable to use for prolonged periods and will continue to fight bacteria for the lifetime of the scanner. The WWS450H offers a disinfectant-friendly housing to protect from alcohol cleaning, preventing discoloration, corrosions, and hardware malfunction.

The Wasp WWS450H is also known as the Wasp Bar Code WWS450H

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USB compatible Cordless scanner with stand.
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