Wasp Job Costing Bundle Time Tracking Software

The Wasp Job Costing Bundle has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Take control of your HR situation with a Job Costing Solution from Wasp.

The Wasp Job Costing Bundle combines the reliability of WaspTime Job Track software with the efficiency of RFID technology. The job tracking clock and software are designed to give you insight to the cost of your operations- project by project. The Job Costing Bundle is a completely scalable solution. Effortlessy add additional clock locations. Purchase additional employee licenses in batches of 50.

The Wasp Job Costing Bundle is also known as the Wasp Bar Code Job Costing Bundle

Job Costing Bundle Options
Wasp Job Costing Bundle (633808550370)
RFID Job Costing clock, WaspTime Job Track software, 50 user license, power supply, Ethernet cables. Badges not included.