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Wasp CountIt Inventory Software

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Add efficiency to the task of taking inventory

Wasp CountIt is an affordable, QuickBooks compatible software program dedicated to counting inventory. Download existing inventory information from QuickBooks directly to the mobile device, take inventory, and send the updated count data back to QuickBooks. If barcode labels are required, easily print these barcode labels from within CountIt to Wasp barcode printer or other laser printer. Programs such as QuickBooks don"t work with portable data collectors to verify that on-hand inventory quantities are accurate. As a result, businesses are forced to use a slow, manual (pen and paper) inventory counting process. Then inventory counts have to be manually re-entered into QuickBooks. This manual process wastes time, money and leaves too much room for error. That"s where CountIt comes in.

The Wasp CountIt is also known as the Wasp Bar Code CountIt

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Wasp CountIt (633808341237)
Inventory Counting Application
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Wasp CountIt (633808391393)
With DT10 Mobile Computer
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Software with WDT2200 Mobile Computer