ViewSonic CDE8451-TL Digital Signage Display

10-Point Touch-Enabled Display with 3840x2160 Resolution

The ViewSonic CDE8451-TL is a stunning 84" Ultra HD interactive touch display. Delivering four-times the detail of Full HD displays, the CDE8451-TL is the perfect solution where ultrahigh resolution imaging and touch interactive performance is needed. The 10-point touch-enabled display allows multiple users to simultaneously write or draw on the display"s surface using their fingers or styluses. Designed for heavy usage in any business environment, this display features a tempered glass overlay with 7H scratch-resistant surface hardness that ensures durability, as well as a consistent, high-quality touch experience.
CDE8451-TL Options
ViewSonic CDE8451-TL (CDE8451-TL)
84" Ultra HD Interactive Commercial Display, Ultra HD resolution, 10-point multi-touch interactive screen, Built-in ARM dual-core CPU with 8GB Storage, Pre-installed annotation software, Optional slot-in PC