Videolarm PolEvator Surveillance Camera Mount

The Videolarm PolEvator has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Poles that make CCTV surveillance more effective and more cost efficient

The Videolarm PolEvator features 16 to 18 ft. height poles with 20" transformer bases. With extruded aluminum construction they provide factory wired plug 'n' play with power, video and data connections. They are designed to accept a wide range of housings and domes along with optional anchor jig. Pole or wall mount adapters are also available. They are ideal for surveillance of warehouses, truck terminals, cargo areas, jails and prisons, residential and rural areas.
PolEvator Options
Videolarm PolEvator (PV18)
Lowering Pole (PV16 with 20 inch Transformer Base)
Videolarm PolEvator (PV16)
Lowering Pole (16 feet, Free Standing Aluminum)