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Videolarm Surveillance Camera Housing, Surveillance Camera Mount and Surveillance Camera

Videolarm has been the leading innovator in the CCTV industry for more than a quarter century. It all began with the introduction of the world's first outdoor dome and has continued with a host of cameras, housings, accessories, and more.
Videolarm ACH8-ACH13 Aluminum Surveillance Camera Housing

Videolarm ACH8-ACH13 Aluminum

The ACH8-ACH13 Aluminum from Videolarm is an outdoor, IP65 rated environmental housing that can accommodate camera/lens combinations up to 10.5" long and 3.6" wide. The body is an attractive white finish made out of aluminum with black end caps...

Videolarm RC200 Ceiling Mount WedgE Surveillance Camera Housing

Videolarm RC200 Ceiling Mount WedgE

The RC200 Ceiling Mount WedgE from Videolarm features a lightweight indoor housing dome which requires no special ceiling support. It supports manual adjustments for 360-degree viewing. Metal back boxes are also available with the unit. These...

Videolarm WM20G Gooseneck Surveillance Camera Mount

Videolarm WM20G Gooseneck

Aesthetically pleasing outdoor mount

Videolarm FDW Series Surveillance Camera Housing

Videolarm FDW Series

The IP Network Ready 7" FusionDome model offers versatility and camera protection in a compact size. It accepts analog camera systems from Canon & Elmo and many network cameras from Axis, Canon, Elmo, JVC, Panasonic and Sony or a single fixed camera...

Videolarm IR10M IR Illuminator

Videolarm IR10M IR Illuminator

Videolarm's new line of infrared illuminators offers superior night time surveillance in a variety of applications. All models are lightweight, rugged and weather resistant housings. The IRs utilize LED technology and guarantee for up to 10,000...

Videolarm Parts

Products and parts from Videolarm.

Videolarm PolEvator - Discontinued.

Videolarm Warrior Elite Series - Fixed - Discontinued.

Videolarm FDP75 - Discontinued.

Videolarm M7-M12 Recessed Ceiling Mount Dome - Discontinued.

Videolarm OH081TL Tinted Dome - Discontinued.

Videolarm OH121TL Tinted Dome - Discontinued.

Videolarm OH201TL Tinted Dome - Discontinued.

Videolarm OP123-163 Dome - Discontinued.

Videolarm Q-View QFD Multiple Camera System - Discontinued.

Videolarm Q-View QOD Multiple Camera System - Discontinued.

Videolarm SDW SuperDome - Discontinued.

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