Unitech Wedge Accessories

Adapters and Cables for Unitech Wedge's
Wedge Accessories
Unitech (101000-0010)
Adapter (110V to 9V) for PW112/PW120
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Unitech (155112-8010)
Terminal Wedge Cable (for the PW112)
Unitech (155102-8220)
Cable (PW120 To Decoder 220-320-420)
Unitech (155102-8020)
Cable (PT805-815 Cradle to PW120 RS-232)
Unitech (155102-0090)
MAC Adapter Cable (for the PW110/112)
Unitech (155102-0080)
PS/2 Adapter Cable for PW105/PW110/PW112/PW120
Unitech (155102-0050)
AT Adapter Cable for PW110/PW112/PW120
Unitech (155000-Z011)
PS/2 Cable (for Unitech PW120)
Unitech (1550-201458)
Cable (from the PW105 to the IBM 3180, 3191, 3192, 3196 and 3197)
Unitech (1550-201450)
PS/2 Adapter Cable for the PW110-112 Wedge Readers
Unitech (1550-201449)
PC-AT-XT Adapter Cable (for the PW105-110-112-120)