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Unitech RH768 RFID Reader
Unitech RH768 RFID Reader

Unitech RH768 RFID Reader

The Unitech RH768 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The RH768 offers users a high reading performance in terms of accuracy, flexibility and distance. Read RFID tags up to 4.2M (depending on frequency and application) requiring no line-of-sight between the reader and the tag. Because barcodes and RFID tags are frequently being used side by side the RH768 features a 1D barcode reader next to a RFID reader for great user flexibility. As all Unitech devices the RH768 belongs to the category: rugged. A 1.2m drop spec and IP54 rating against moisture and dust provides the resistance which is needed in industrial surroundings like warehouses. Being a well-balanced RFID reader, the RH768 offers a very high easy-handling level. The main weight of the device is ergonomically spread over the complete device, which makes it far more convenient than other RFID readers. The gun grip of the RH768 contains a second battery to secure double operation time, up to 12 hours. With the RH768 you can scan RFID tags for accurate stock control, asset management or replenishment whole day long and increase the satisfaction of your customer as well as of your employees.
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Unitech RH768 (RH768-M266UADG)
RFID UHF R2000 with 2D Scan Engine Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, RFID UHF USA ANT, Terminal, Battery (Part# 1400-900006G), USB Charging Cable (Part# 1550-602714G), AC Adapter (Part# 1010-601550G) and (Part# 1010-601551G), Bungee and Stylus (Part# 382306G).
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