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Unitech MS837 Scanner
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Unitech MS837 Scanner

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Intuitive and aggressive handheld scanning performance.

Simple operation, user-friendly ergonomics and excellent reliability, the Unitech MS837 handheld laser scanner is ideal for a broad range of market applications such as menu scanning, point-of-sale, document processing and inventory control. With advanced laser scanning technology, the MS837 has a longer working range and a wider scan field than a typical CCD device. The easy-to-use scan trigger and pinpoint aiming pattern make scanning barcodes simple and efficient. The MS837 offers users a scanner that not only improves productivity, but does it easily and reliably.
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Unitech MS837 (MS837-SUCU00-SG)
Barcode scanner, Laser, USB Cable
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Unitech MS837 (MS837-SUCB00-SG)
Barcode scanner, Laser, USB
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Recommended Accessories
Unitech MS837 Accessory (5200-900003G)
Hands-Free Stand, Black
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