UIC 8310-53R Check Reader

UIC ST8310 - Check Reader, Non-IBM4683 Interface, Beige color, No AUX, No Scanner Port, 3TK MSR, USB-KB integrated port, RoHS
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UIC ST8310 Check Reader Model Overview
ST8310 products contain FLASH memory, which allows for easy firmware upgrades in the field without the need to disassemble the product, and a magnetic read head for MICR data capture. The ST8310 contains communications support for traditional PC COM ports for PC-POS applications, many PC and video terminal keyboards in a keyboard wedge mode, as well as support for communications with many credit authorization terminals, including Hypercom TM, Data Card TM, Verifone Tranz TM, and ZON TM series products. The ST8310 was developed to specifically help retail and financial systems integrators become more flexible in their data capture capability. The ST8310 can adapt to a variety of applications, giving the integrator the ability to better control fraud, as well as further enhance customer service.
Technical Information
MICR Font Supported:
  • E13-B
  • CMC-7
Magnetic Stripe Track Configuration:
Triple Track
Magnetic Stripe Track Number:
  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
Built-in Devices
Magnetic Stripe Reader:
Total Number of USB Ports:
Physical Characteristics
Product Color:
Additional Information:
  • The output data can be uniquely edited by the ST8310 data editor to add or delete characters
  • Every ST8310 contains a user selectable table of common MICR data output formats
Environmentally Friendly:
Item Numbers
UNSPSC: 44101901, 44111600

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The UIC 8310-53R Check Reader is also known as 831053R