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Tiertime 3D Printers

Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (Tiertime) is a leading innovator and Asia's biggest 3D printing solution provider in global 3D printing industry. Tiertime has rolled out its industrial level 3D printer product Inspire series, the desktop 3D printer product UP series, with respective 3D printing software and printing material. With advanced technology and quality, ease of use and competitive price, Tiertime 3D printer has been used in various industries, including aerospace, aviation, medical treatment, manufacturing, education, design and fashion, and it is widely engaged in customized production, product sample design and model printing, product display, market research, educational experience and DIY work practice.
Tiertime UP BOX Plus 3D Printer

Tiertime UP BOX Plus

Improving upon the impressive Up Plus 2, the UP Box+ is even bigger and better. A build envelope of 10x8x8in grants more room to create. Print speed is now 30% faster. Layer resolutions as fine as 100 microns yield high-quality output. The heated...

Tiertime UP mini 2 3D Printer

Tiertime UP mini 2

UP mini 2 is not only affordable, reliable and easy-to-use like the first generation UP mini, it also comes with many new features related to usability, portability and connectivity. The UP mini 2 is for people who want to start 3D printing in no...