Toshiba TEC TRST-A00 Printer

Equipped with a low power mode to save on energy costs

The TEC TRST-A00 provides high quality direct thermal printing at an economical price and is designed to meet many of the requirements of a hospitality or retail environment. The TRST-A00 also features normal and low power modes to allow users to choose between speed and energy costs. The PC-less configuration allows more than 95% of all printer settings to be accessed from the printer without the need for a PC tool, leading to further reduction of unscheduled downtime.

The Toshiba TEC TRST-A00 is also known as the TEC TRST-A00

TRST-A00 Options
Toshiba TEC TRST-A00 (TRST-A00-UC-QM-R)
Direct thermal POS printer, single-sided, 203 dpi, max 6.7"/second, partial cut auto-cutter, USB interface.
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