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Symbol VRC8900 Accessories

Installation kit and keyboard and bracket assemblies.
VRC8900 Accessories
Symbol (VRC8900-IKIT-C)
Installation Kit (for the VRC89XX)
Symbol (SW-70791-01)
Software Pack (CD Upgrade CE#.0/NET4.2) for the VRC79XX/89XX
Symbol (SW-65762-01)
SFPK (CD Upgrade, CE3.0/Net 4.1) for the VRC 79xx and 89xx)
Symbol (KYBD8900-01)
Keyboard and Bracket Assembly (for the Heated Version VRC 89XX)
Symbol (KYBD8900-00)
Keyboard and Bracket Assembly (for the Non-Heated VRC 89XX)
Symbol (CL16840-1)
Cable (6 Foot, Straight, Right Angle) to Symbl VRC 7900/8900
Symbol (25-56101-01)
Cable, USB, Active Sync, Allows Standard USB Connection to the Rugged USB Port on the VRC 89XX Terminal
Symbol (25-51869-01)
Cable, ActiveSync communication for VRC7900/8900