Symbol LT 1800 Accessories

Cables, Stands, and Misc. Accessories
LT 1800 Accessories
Symbol (70-08041-02)
Product reference guide
Symbol (50-14000-005)
Power supply (117V, Wall Mount) for LT 1800-1820-1880 and LS 2104 Scanners
Symbol (25-17464-01)
Direct Cable (6 ft.) for LT 1880 Scanners to all IBM PS/2 Models
Symbol (25-17359-01)
Cable (6 ft. PS/2) for LT 1806-LS 2106 Scanners to IBM SureOne Printer
Symbol (25-09212-01)
Y-cable, AT style, For Symbol LT1880
Symbol (25-08184-01)
15-Pin Primary Scanner Port Cable for LL 500
Symbol (25-06754-01)
Cable (Port 5B) for the LT 1830 Scanner
Symbol (25-06751-01)
Cable, 9 Pin D Female Connector
Symbol (25-05306-01)
Cable (8 ft. Coiled) for LT 1780-1880 Scanners
Symbol (21-08288-02)
Desktop holder
Symbol (20-08415-01)
Hands-free stand for LT1800
Symbol (20-08414-01)
Hands-Free Stand for LT 1800 Scanners
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