Symbol LS 9100 Scanner

Symbol LS 9208 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Symbol LS 9208.

Let Your Store Profit from Today's Most Advanced Omnidirectional Scanner

The LS 9100 Omnidirectional Scanner is your key to improved productivity at the point of sale. This versatile scanner can read all barcodes, even those that are poorly printed or damaged. It takes up very little valuable counter space thanks to its small footprint, and operators find the LS 9100 a dream to work with since it's so easy to use. Its flexibility and reliability make it a smart investment that can meet your current and future POS scanning requirements. Hands-free operation combined with a large scan pattern make the LS 9100 extremely user-friendly. A quick pass and this omnidirectional scanner reads barcodes on the first try even truncated or poorly printed symbols. All units ship with one product reference guide.

The Symbol LS 9100 is also known as the Symbol Technologies LS 9100

LS 9100 Options
Symbol LS 9100 (LS9100-002A04900)
RS-232 kit: Scanner, 110 volt AC adapter, RS-232 cable (DB-9 female TxD on 2) & ergonomic stand.
Symbol LS 9100 (LS9100-002A09805)
PS/2 kit: Scanner, 110 volt AC adapter, PS/2 Y-cables & hand-holdable stand.
Symbol LS 9100 (LS9100-002A00000)
Includes 110 volt power supply/AC adapter & hand-holdable stand. Order cables separately. See accessories.
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