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Symbol LS 4000 Accessories
Symbol LS 4000 Accessories

Symbol LS 4000 Accessories

Cables, Stands, Power Supplies, and Manuals
LS 4000 Accessories
Harvard Battery (HBM-LS4071M)
Replacement battery for the Symbol/Motorola LS 4071. Original part number 21-19022-01. 6 volts 730 mAh.
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Symbol (KT-14001-001R)
Power supply Kit (100 250 VAC 5.2VDC, 1A).
Symbol (70-37898-03)
Program Reference Guide: LS 4000i
Symbol (50-14000-253R)
Power supply (90V 264 VAC, 5.0VDC, 0.850A)
Symbol (50-14000-008R)
110 VAC US Power supply.
Symbol (50-14000-008)
110 VAC US Power supply
Symbol (25-16965-01)
Cable, LL 500 Primary Scanner Port Cable (DB15 Female)
Symbol (25-16460-22)
Cable Assembly (IBM 9B) for the LS4005I
Symbol (25-16460-20)
Cable (9 ft. Coiled, Port 9B) for LS 4005 Scanners
Symbol (25-16459-20)
Cable (9 ft., Port 5B) for LS 4005 Scanners
Symbol (25-16458-22)
Synapse Cable (12 ft. Coiled) for LS 4000 Scanners
Symbol (25-16457-20)
Undecoded cable, 8 ft. coiled
Symbol (25-16456-21)
RS-232 Cable (15FT Coil, DB-9 Female and T x D on 2)
Symbol (25-05780-01)
Adapter, DB-9 to DB15 for LL 500
Symbol (20-16854-01R)
Holder Assembly, Wall/Side of Counter Mount, For the LS2208 and LS4000

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