Symbol LS 3203ER Scanner

Symbol LS3408 Series: LS3408ER and LS3408FZ A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Symbol LS3408 Series: LS3408ER and LS3408FZ.

From 4 inches to 35 feet, the Focus is on Best-of-Class Performance

The LS 3203ER reads barcodes as far away as 35 feet (10 m) or more, and as close as 4 inches (10 cm) - giving it the greatest range of any scanner on the market today. Because the LS 3203ER reads all symbol densities over the broadest range, it's able to perform multiple tasks in the same location. For receiving and put-away, it reads UPC product codes, it also reads 20 to 40 mil case codes from close up to several feet away. For picking and shipping, it reads 70 to 100 mil retro reflective symbols on distant storage locations or shelf edges. All units ship with one product reference guide.

The Symbol LS 3203ER is also known as the Symbol Technologies LS 3203ER

LS 3203ER Options
Symbol LS3203ER (LS-3203ER-I200A)
Extended range scanner. Order cables & power supply separately. See accessories.
Recommended Accessories
Symbol (25-71916-01R)
Cable Assembly (VC5000/LS3203 RS-232 Cable)
Ships in 3-5 Days
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