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SonicWall Backup and Recovery Solution

Theft, viruses, system crashes, and misplaced or stolen backup tapes are driving demand for reliable, disk-based backup solutions. In fact, business owners are estimated to spend $6.7 billion in 2010 on data protection technologies, up 30% from 2005. SonicWALL Backup & Recovery solutions provide automatic, real-time data backup for servers, laptops and PCs. The solution backs up files first locally to ensure data can be recovered instantly from any previous point in time. It also includes hands-free, automatic offsite capabilities to protect businesses against disasters. Together, the automatic, hassle-free local and offsite capabilities solve the pains related to existing backup systems. Importantly, the CDP series of products back up only block level differences within each file, and then compresses them so the network is not impacted or compromised. Also, central management and remote administration features allow IT administrators to operate efficiently and effectively.
Backup and Recovery Solution Options
SonicWall Backup and Recovery Solution (01-SSC-6301)
Storage Capacity: 250GB, Storage Capacity 250GB, Users: 30 or fewer, Servers: 5, Compressed Capacity: 300GB, Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps
SonicWall Backup and Recovery Solution (01-SSC-6300)
Provideds Continuous Data Protection, File Versioning, Central Administration, Desktop, Laptop, Server Continuous Data Protection, Remote Administration, Policy Based Backup, Interface: one 10/100BaseT Ethernet, Capacity: Users: <15, Servers: 3, Compressed Capacity: 192GB