Lobby and Visitor Management

Lobby and Visitor Management SystemLobby Management and Visitor Management systems will greatly improve the way your business handles visitors. An effective solution will ensure the safety of your employees and the security of your systems. Creating ID badges and capturing visitor information is quick and easy, with options to capture photos and biometrics, check visitors against local and online watch lists, and even digitally sign NDA agreements to protect proprietary information.

Another very useful feature allows you to view, with a click of the button, an evacuation report in the event of an emergency situation at your facility. Some of our customers have even utilized these solutions to receive alerts when a VIP is on site, improving their customer service levels. Our visitor management solutions are flexible and allow multiple ID card technologies, including barcodes, magnetic stripe, smart cards, biometric and RFID.

BarcodesInc has built many successful visitor management solutions, incorporating Zebra's best-in-class ID card printers and Jolly Technologies' intuitive, powerful software. Contact us today to learn more or receive a quotation on a system perfect for your organization.

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