Healthcare ID System

Healthcare ID SystemBetween doctors, nurses, residents, administrators, and technicians, hospitals can have a wide variety of individuals constantly moving throughout its facility. Implementing an ID card solution can help improve security as well as overall efficiencies within the hospital. ID cards can be used for employee photo ID badges, hospital access control, and employee time and attendance.

Not only is there a need to properly identify employees in the hospital, patients and visitors can also benefit from an ID solution. Properly identifying patients will lead to a reduction in errors for medicine dispensing and medical studies. Visitors can also be given a form of temporary identification when entering the hospital. This process ensures protecting against potentially dangerous intruders from freely roaming the hospital. With the right ID solution in place you can keep your facility efficient and secure.

• Employee, Visitor, and Patient identification
• Access control for buildings and secured areas
• Integrate with medical tracking of patients and distribution of medicine

BarcodesInc offers a comprehensive ID card solution for your hospital or medical facility's needs. Our ID experts can help you define the total solution for any type of facility and the functionality you require out of it. We can help provide the right printer, software, and access management tools to ensure your hospital gets the most out of your ID cards.

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The following components will provide your facility with high-quality reverse transfer printed IDs and temporary-use IDs.

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