Gym and Health Club ID System

Gym and Health Club ID SystemWith the advancement of ID card technology and software, the solutions today not only allow you to track members' entry and exit from your gym, but also provide an opportunity to more efficiently run your business.

Health and fitness are top priorities for many in the hustle and bustle world these days. Even in a poor economy and the limited hours of a busy day, health club membership has increased by 10% over the past three years to over 50 million members. The most effective way to manage these members is through the use of an ID card identification system and tracking software.

BarcodesInc offers a comprehensive ID Card product solution for your gym and health club needs. Our ID experts can help you define the total solution for any gym. Standard operating procedure for health clubs is to have the member swipe or scan their ID card when entering the gym. This process will verify whether the member has access privileges for the gym. However, the opportunity to provide additional services to your customers and track their usage is possible too.

• Issue membership Cards
• Limit Usage by Day, Time and Facility
• Set Expiration dates and expiration notifications
• View Usage Trends
• Target specific customers based on behavior

Recommended Products

Using the following components will allow you to capitalize on all the functionality listed above to better serve your customers.

Zebra ID Card Ribbon (800033-848)
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Zebra (104523-111)
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