Socket Serial I/O PC Mobile Computer

The Socket Serial I/O PC has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Provides the ability to quickly identify and change COM port assignments

Serial I/O PC PCMCIA (PC Card Type II) card from Socket adds a high-speed RS-232 serial COM port to your mobile computer and maximizes your connectivity with speeds up to 921 Kbps. It works exceptionally well with both Windows- and Linux-based mobile devices. The unit includes a male DB-9 connector on a 12" detachable cable. It connects to modems, barcode scanners, magstripe readers, GPS receivers, digital cameras and other RS-232 serial devices. These battery-friendly cards are the world's most power-efficient add-on serial adapters, extending the battery life of your PDA.

The Socket Serial I/O PC is also known as the Socket Serial I/O PC

Serial I/O PC Options
Socket Serial I/O PC (SL0700-004)
Serial I/O Card, Removable cable, Asynchronous RS-232, Up to 921 kbps baud rate, 9-Pin D shell male connector, PCMCIA, JEIDA 4.1 interface
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