SLS RFID 1000M811-SLS RFID Mobile Reader

SLS RFID M-811 - RFID Mobile Reader, SLS M-Series - M-811 RFID Enabled Pallet with R700, Includes Metal Pallet, 4 Antennas, Enclosure Box, Battery, R700 Reader, Stack Light, Cabling, Wi-Fi Capability
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SLS RFID M-800 RFID-Enabled Pallet RFID Mobile Reader Model Overview
The SLS M-800 RFID Enabled Pallet is designed with a pallet shape, making for easy forklift driver operation while reducing pedestrian traffic in hard to reach, high-volume, and dangerous scanning locations. Built for manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution center environments, the SLS M-800 RFID pallet is equipped with a powerful 8-hour battery that gives you time to complete your cycle count before needing to recharge.
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The SLS RFID 1000M811-SLS RFID Mobile Reader is also known as dontmatch or dontmatch.