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Seiko RP-B10 Printer
Seiko RP-B10 Printer
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Seiko RP-B10 Printer

Seiko Qaliber RP-E10 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Seiko Qaliber RP-E10.

Reliability you can count on

The Seiko-Instruments RP-B10 direct thermal receipt printer is ideal for the demanding workload of POS applications. Designed for durability, this heavy-duty printer rises to the challenge of high-volume print applications, yet is economical, simple to operate, and easy to integrate. Avoid downtime and gain peace of mind. The precision engineered RP-B10 receipt printer is rigorously tested to perform day in and day out in punishing high-volume point-of-sale environments. The RP-B10 is exceptionally durable, with service life rated for a minimum 62 miles (100 km) total printing and 1.5 million cuts, and an MTBF rating of 360,000 hours.
RP-B10 Options
Seiko RP-B10 (RP-B10-U11JW1-03)
POS Receipt Printer, 203 dpi, 3in, USB, White, 200 mm/sec
Seiko RP-B10 (RP-B10-U11JK1-03)
POS Receipt Printer, 203 dpi, 3IN, USB
Seiko RP-B10 (RP-B10-S11JW1-03)
POS Receipt Printer, 203 dpi, 2-3IN WHT/Serial
Seiko RP-B10 (RP-B10-S11JK1-03)
POS Receipt Printer, 2-3IN BLK/Serial
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