Seiko APU-G247 Printer

Easy paper operation

The APU-G247 from Seiko-Instruments is a highly cost-efficient printing solution for a wide range of applications such as fuel pumps, vending machines, medical devices, kiosks and parking equipments. Printer mechanism, auto-cutter, controller board and cabling are all included in one unit for plug-and-play applications. The APU-G247 is very lightweight (550 g) and measures 99 x 96 x 148 mm. A serial or USB interface is integrated. Win 2000/XP drivers are available.
APU-G247 Options
Seiko APU-G247 (APU-G247-A01U-E)
Direct thermal Kiosk Printer, USB
Seiko APU-G247 (APU-G247-A01S-E)
Direct thermal Kiosk Printer, Serial