Seiko Printer and Portable Printer

Seiko Instruments is a leader in the electronics industry, focusing on thermal printing technology. Extensive technology innovations in the development of miniaturization and precision engineering and manufacturing has empowered Seiko Instruments customers to enjoy the best quality products. Seiko Instruments offers a complete array of high performance kiosk printers, reliable mobile printers, compact thermal printer mechanisms, and more.

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Seiko  Label Label

Seiko Label

Call for a full selection of thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode labels for your Seiko-Instruments printer.

$13.80 to $56.60

Seiko Receipt Paper

Receipt Paper for Seiko-Instruments printers.

$15.50 to $16.40

Seiko DPU-S Series Portable Printer

Seiko DPU-S Series

DPU-S Series mobile printers from Seiko-Instruments tackle the challenges of going mobile with durable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective models that accelerate ROI. DPU-S Series models can survive multiple 4-foot drops to concrete and are rated for a...

Seiko DPU-S245 Portable Printer

Seiko DPU-S245

Completing the DPU-S Series, Seiko-Instruments introduces the DPU-S245 with a paper width of 2" (58 mm). This compact and lightweight printer with a high printing speed of 100 mm/s has a serial RS-232C, USB 2.0 as well an IrDA Ver. 1.2 interface. In...

Seiko DPU-S445 Portable Printer

Seiko DPU-S445

The DPU-S445 from Seiko-Instruments is a handheld portable printer incorporating a low voltage thermal printer mechanism that ensures fast and high quality printing. This latest member of our DPU-S Series features all demands of the escalating...

Seiko DPU414 Printer

Seiko DPU414

The Seiko-Instruments DPU414 printer is a desktop thermal serial printer incorporating the STP printer mechanism that ensures silent and high-quality printing. It can print not only characters, but also highdensity graphics. In the quadruple-density...


Seiko APU-G247 Printer

Seiko APU-G247

The APU-G247 from Seiko-Instruments is a highly cost-efficient printing solution for a wide range of applications such as fuel pumps, vending machines, medical devices, kiosks and parking equipments. Printer mechanism, auto-cutter, controller board...

Seiko APU-9000-C Series Printer

Seiko APU-9000-C Series

The APU-9000-C Series kiosk printers set the standard for performance and reliability in self service. That means a better user experience and lower operating costs. And, with a sleek new design, you get more integration flexibility. This printer...

Seiko Qaliber RP-E Series Printer

Seiko Qaliber RP-E Series

The Seiko-Instruments Qaliber RP-E Series printers generate receipts at a record 1.15 feet per second (350 mm per second). With this industry-leading performance, you can elevate customers' perceptions of the buying experience by accelerating...

$263.40 to $317.40

Seiko Qaliber RP-E11 Printer

Seiko Qaliber RP-E11

Advanced new Qaliber RP-E series printers raise the bar for single station thermal receipt peripherals. These units offerindustry-leading performance in the smallest available footprint, with an innovative cube form factor, designed to...

$263.40 to $317.40

Seiko Qaliber RP-E10 Printer

Seiko Qaliber RP-E10

The Seiko-Instruments Qaliber RP-E10 printers generate receipts at a record 1.15 feet per second (350 mm per second). With this industry-leading performance, you can elevate customers' perceptions of the buying experience by accelerating...

$263.40 to $317.40

Seiko MPU-L465 Series Printer

Seiko MPU-L465 Series

With 300 dpi resolution, 85 mm/s print speed, and a variable paper width of 70 to 115 mm, the MPU-L465 Series from Seiko-Instruments, rapidly delivers crisp and clear barcode labels and a wide range of other output alternatives. Firmware supports an...



Seiko Parts

Products and parts from Seiko-Instruments.

$44.60 to $858.80

Seiko SLP 620 Printer

Seiko SLP 620

The SLP 620 is ideal for tackling all your everyday label printing needs. It's sleek. It's simple. And it's surprisingly affordable. Connect via USB to your PC or Mac, running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. The nimble new user-friendly design makes it...


Seiko SLP 650 Printer

Seiko SLP 650

More speed. Higher resolution. The SLP 650 packs all the benefits of the newly redesigned SLP 600 series, adding 300 dpi resolution and close to 4 ips printing performance, to flawlessly handle your specialty label printing requirements. Connect via...


Seiko SLP 650SE Printer

Seiko SLP 650SE

Greater adaptability. The SLP 650SE offers all the benefits of the SLP 650, with an additional Serial port to help extend the life of your legacy systems. With 300 dpi resolution and close to 4 ips printing performance, the SLP 650SE flawlessly...

Seiko Qaliber Lite RP-D Series Printer

Seiko Qaliber Lite RP-D Series

One model, two options: Dual top and front paper exit configuration options give you more installation flexibility, including the ability to slide the printer under the counter. With an innovative cubic design the RP-D printer series currently...

$159.70 to $196.90

Seiko MP-B20 Printer

Seiko MP-B20

The MP-B20 Series Printer features a contemporary yet functional design, while still offering the ability to print high-resolution receipts at more than 3 ips, one of the highest print speeds on the market. This is especially helpful in vertical...


Seiko SLP 440 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Seiko SLP 650

Seiko SLP 450 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Seiko SLP 650SE

Seiko APU-9347-B02U - Discontinued.

Seiko KPU-S347 - Discontinued.

Seiko RP-B10 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Seiko Qaliber RP-E10