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Motorola (25-122026-01R)
Spare Battery DC Y-cable
Motorola (CRD9500-103UES)
Single Bay and Spare Battery Charger Kit (Intl). Incl: Single Bay Cradle (Part# Crd9500-1000ur), One Slot Battery Charger (Part# SAC9500-1000r), Y-cable (Part# 25-122026-01r), and Power supply (Part# Pwrs-14000-148R). Buy Country Specific 3 Wire AC Cord Separately.
Motorola (CRD9500-103UR)
Single Bay USB Charging Cradle and Battery Charger Kit (International) Kit Includes: Single Bay USB Charging Cradle (Crd9500-1000ur), Single Slot Battery Charger (Part# SAC9500-1000r), Power supply (Part# Kt-14000-148R) and DC Y-cable (Part# 25-122026-01r). Requires Purchase of Country Specific Three Wire Grounded AC Power Line Cord. For Communication to A Host Computer Purchase Micro USB Sync Cable (Part# 25-124330-01r).