SDC E72 Series Lockset

The SDC E72 Series Lockset has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

All weather housing and heavy duty 16 button alphanumeric keypad

The SDC E72 Series Lockset features a battery powered digital door lock that incorporates an all-weather housing and a heavy-duty 16 button alphanumeric keypad. Easy keypad programming provides access management for applications with limited openings and management requirements. Optional computer software enables access management via a handheld data transmission device for applications with multiple openings and demanding access management requirements. Other notable characteristics include mechanical key override, 9 management groups, 90 user groups, 96 denied groups, 25 zones, double code entry and temporary users. Lock installation is accomplished in less than ten minutes.
E72 Series Lockset Options
SDC E72 Series Lockset (E72-64G1Q)
64 user, 64 event audit trail, Field upgradeable, Galaxy lever, 6 pin cylinderwith Schlage C Keyway, Dull Chrome Standard finish, Weather proof
SDC E72 Series Lockset (E72KBG1Q)
The E72 series cylindrical locksets are capable of accomodating basic applications and demanding applications for up to 320 users with PC management requirents.